19 January 2016

Is It Only Me

Is it only me - or am I just responding to the bias 
in their commentary; I’d’ve sworn there were two 
teams afield, both clad in distinctly different strip, 
plus a referee attempting judicature, aided by an 
odd-ball coterie of visible assistants - plus some 
you don’t get to see, yet those stirring words we 
hear relaying on-field endeavour appeared only 
praiseworthy to wearing th’ green ‘n gold 

I don’t mind my team winning - I am as partisan 
as the fellow next to me, so if patriotism colours 
what’s seen and told in xenophobic vibrations - 
beware - th’ game needs impartial commentary 
for dignity rather than an added anxiety - it isn’t 
easy as wearing your team’s colours 

So we watch th’ game without sound; its live-to-
air TV for God’s sake - you actually see what is 
supposed to be said in commentary - sadly it’s 
taken for granted a rare event nowadays; - yet 
back a ways it was where the respect matured 
into what is the meaning of fair over foul play 
© 26 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

RWC SF #2: Wallabies 29 - Los Pumas 15 

Wallabies meet The All Blacks in RWC Final