21 January 2016


Finally - I think I know what it means - watching 
Two and a Half Men re-runs reminds me why it 
only gelled with the lil’ fellow on screen & being 
naive; I suppose that’s got something to do with 
scriptwriting over the acting - yet if he departed,
so did I - & it was probably why a Charlie Sheen 
advocacy never appealed to me, legend no less 
mirrored thru’ an egomaniacal insalubriousness 

But in their defence you got what you came for, 
with guarantees of joke crudités & their fatuous, 
faultlessly re-enacted cameos - if not in camera 
then alluded to with habitués rakish indolence - 
only devotees could handle regular doses of its 
malefic, dissolutely drek behaviour unstressed 

Yet I digress again - I think it means I’ve learned 
where to sit such that an arm’s reach includes a 
cabernet sauvignon and glass with calm tranquil 
scene of unequivocal impartiality; one can relax 
without a sheen of Charlie’s blustering reflected 
from a TV set by simply departing the lounge 
© 14 October 2015, I. D. Carswell