20 January 2016

Something To Do With It

Well, whether it’s a case of being Bill Bryson’ed 
into believing we’re a weird mob or painting that 
wee jubilee differently - I survived Sunday; and 
in a sequel to a birthday last weekend cheered 
loud ‘n long Saturday when our peers arrived to 
ensure their recognising this being a year older; 
their perspective’s I’m still significantly junior, ’n 
partying t’ prove it, hacking it sweet I reckon, so

with more of the 70’s span than you’d normally
greet in one room, ok three bottles of sparkling 
prosecco aside - but hey, no dramas evident to 
explain - & managed like those olden days we 
recall nostalgically, ‘tho perhaps a roast leg of 
lamb at lunch had something to do with it 
© 13 September 2015, I. D. Carswell