13 January 2016

Surviving Sci-Fi

Three books in two days isn’t a mean feat, altho’ 
it’d seem a whole lot of concentrated reading, in 
reality came without too much ballyhoo; you see 
Science Fiction’s an escape from the mundanity 
of everyday existence, a panacea if you want, to 
what monotony beats - and in a rewarding way - 
without straining anything but inherent credibility 
in claiming some form of extraterrestrial source 

Tho’ we don’t see it as outer space of course; its 
related to inner scope of our natures - obviously, 
or we’d be unable to understand a jot; and that’s 
what reasons characters to be playing games of 
patsy properly or the book gets tossed away for 
the real thing dressed in the dramatic-authentic 

So to explain my reasoning - you’ll have to see 
the idea of jumping thru space-time isn't for me 
hazy ambition when it is as credible as reading 
three weird sci-fi books in two normal days … 
© 14 July 2015, I. D. Carswell