03 January 2016

Sound Of Mind

While not expressing distaste or regret from a 
deed of putting Aussie tomato sauce on sliced 
bocconcini - or whether the Sao cracker led to 
my degeneration first place, I’m able to say, in 
the event, I’m lucky to be sound of mind;  four 
months we’ve been distracted by a campaign 
to sell El Rancho Avocados come hell or high 
water; the ‘touted’ auction failed so dismally it 

Shredded equanimity into deranged dementia, 
yet out of th’ blue came a new buyer & 27 day 
contract, so house shifting meant my missing 
wallet too easily delineated emergent insanity 
and boded into deep humiliation; so I'm now a 
recognised nominee in the barmy ranks 

For 2 days the spectre of having t’ prove who 
I was in order to re-exist, with right to receive 
re-issued plastic elements of my real identity 
weighing like a tombstone - everything I need 
was apparently in the wallet - hence lunacy is 
an easy out - and why nutters don’t need I.D. 

But my aberrancy came after finding the said 
thing on a tractor I’d parked out of the rain; a 
worthy act tho’ it plainly hadn’t registered in a 
mind filled by house vacating confusion - and 
more amazing, its loss generated anxiety yet 
on discovery dissolved into a blasé boon, so 

On sale contract settlement day I am sipping 
The Glenlivit earned, in spite of my imagined 
narrowly avoided impasse with Authorities to 
prove who I am, with my wallet safely placed 
in the same spot where I couldn’t find it three 
days ago & eating a Sao-bocconcini cracker 

splashed with dash of Aussie tomato sauce - 
now that’s what says I’m sound of mind 
© 27 February 2015, I. D. Carswell