04 January 2016

The Decider

Suppose the score line, 52 - 6, says it all, that 
there’s no need to fix on mood or atmosphere 
after th’ Blues ‘travesty’; it was a hiding. They 
were not beaten but thrashed & appropriately 
stripped of all ‘legitimacy’ they’d claimed from 
Game II; there’s no denying their contrived & 
Out-Of-State campaign t’ ‘smear’ the Maroon 
reputation - if you believed any’d sink so low 

So 52,500 witnessed the ignominy; there was 
no compromise in the way thuggery and ‘raw’ 
physical confrontation from the younger team 
played out their demise, they died by it, three 
will face a Judiciary; it was a true opportunity 
f’ the Maroons to rise from ashes of Game II 
©9 July 2015, I. D. Carswell

Queensland win 2015 State of Origin III by a record 
52 - 6 win over NSW