02 January 2016

Three Today

Okay James mate, who’s three today, not that 
we’re counting - you’ve already gravitated way 
past the argument of ‘calendar’ date - so we’d 
see your age well shy of not yet deploring that 
come-what-may celebration of cake arrayed in 
candles, maybe a few games with balloons, &
some fizzy drink while introspectively opening 
thoughtfully wrapped presents from the family 

Well mate, whatever eventuates will be really 
cool; we’ll bet Oliver and Charlotte will be full 
into party mood, & the plot thickened by your 
cousins should ideas you'll need an audience 
of cognoscenti to enjoy ‘coming of age’ which 
we sincerely agree is just the beginning … 
© 7 June 2015, I. D. Carswell