15 February 2016

Westward Ho

Nothing staggering - just 20 mm of rain, that’s 5 
mm short of an inch if you’re not metricated yet, 
but it is a great boon when there’s been nothing 
but zero readings for ten weeks past; certainly a 
dry Spring this year - already bush fire warnings 
and drought concerns are redolent - again you’ll 
mutter - when’ve they ever been off the list; this, 
though, is the season of pessimism, isn’t it - 

Well - the old-timers mumble something about a 
November change when it gets cold again - with 
rain out of th’ West like an evil spell adrift; if that 
suggests there’s a plot against us then there’s a 
need to reflect on positives - if something amiss 
is worth getting miffed about - migrate West 

Where you eat optimism for drought relief 
© 9 October 2015, I. D. Carswell