04 February 2016

Almost Explains

63 minutes in to the opening RWC match 
and we’re seeing the same old, same old 
boorish & brash English tactics; well they 
are playing Fiji, who’re understandably in 
an underwhelmed state and a bit peeved 
the Poms don’t play the game like they’d 
have a want; so, while the game isn’t the 
bees knees of perfection it has moments 

Reminding you of The Match you play in 
Heaven - until seeing the English Coach 
Stuart Lancaster’s penchant for showing 
lemon-tinctured ‘expression’ until they’re 
moments away from their 35 - 11 victory, 
then smiling when it almost explains 
© 19 September 2015, I. D. Carswell