05 February 2016

Pea, Pie n’ Pud

Lunching on sourdough & ham isn’t that easy - 
we’re back of a week’s culinary grace, leftover 
tastes from amazing dishes - and you shiver in 
recall - but it can’t stay that way. Plebeian may 
not be the right accusation tho’ it says where a 
wise exit leads, so pea, pie n’ pud seems okay, 
at least ritually, to reacquaint ourselves with an 
icon from the Pie Cart - and whence we came 

Chicken Biryani in front of TV ( - watching 2015 
RWC, day 3) didn’t set off alarm bells, that’s an 
out I guess but all that was left for lunch did - a 
ham sanger meant in th’ circumstances even a 
Pie Cart dinner’d be an awesome blessing - so 
mashed potato, peas and meat pies’ll prevail 
© 23 September 2015, I. D. Carswell