23 February 2016

Becoming Retirees

And in a manner of inchoate, but not replete, 
acceptance we find the need to reassess an 
ingenuously shared impression - so the visit 
today blew a host of prejudice away; they’re 
in its round frankly principled less an enemy 
and more adversary of similar bullshit we’ve 
gotten used to as justification for their being; 
& its the untruth we’d treasonously spread 

So there were we - prepared for three hours 
of banal interrogation and she took wind out 
of our sails - no worries, its all there, and I’ll 
send it on immediately - & we’re on our way 
utterly bemused because it all made sense -  
scything angst meant becoming retirees 
© 4 November 2015, I. D. Carswell