24 February 2016


I don’t know who’s getting older more coquettishly, i.e. 
whether its Podge - he’s doing a grand job erasing all 
wasted years of training - or I - & I’d say ‘me’ if I could 
get away with it, but there’s no need explaining that; it 
is hungover from Mother’s years of schooling-ensured 
Queen’s English speaking; Podge - being a JRT - has 
more English breeding than me (see, I wrote it as if to 
prove my case) - and I regret not learning anything he 

Could have instilled in me; or perhaps he has and I’m 
completely and unconsciously the replica of his style - 
though I suggest he makes my ‘coquettishness’ seem 
rustic tarnishing yet we’re still good mates; it’s a case 
of what’s best for the both of us - so we coalesce into 
a duet where he keeps me alert to both our needs 
© 4 November 2015, I. D. Carswell