08 February 2016

The Explanation

Thus we begin the day with a diatribe by me ol’ 
mate Th’ Bott, in London for crissake, grizzling 
about asylum seekers, saying it’s not on letting 
‘em run away from their responsibilities; where 
did he get aboard you’d like to ask - and why’s 
he dually exposed himself to vitriolic ridicule 

Not that we’re unused to seeing him muddying 
the pool - its a predilection he’s infamous for - 
and in his own misanthropic way shifts a focus 
that was badly off-beam - but telling European 
Leaders what’s wrong about it still seems a bit 
off-putting to people who’re trying for unity 

Then we’ve the Yank Navy sailing a patrol into 
disputed territory with Chinese spitting phlegm 
about who’s in th’ wrong and has to pay for its 
blatant, as if they’d know th’ difference, breech 
of international diplomacy & we head-shake in 
an approved way, saying - no comment 

Geeze, it is only Wednesday - and 2015 RWC 
final’s four days away, where the whole genus 
of what is fair, right and real will be decided by 
Australia and New Zealand on a field in, bless 
‘em, Twickenham, London which explains why 
Th’ Bott - our ex-PM’s over there & gibbering 
© 28 October 2015, I. D. Carswell