25 February 2016

Old Fraternity

Only any who said it’s a passing phase could be 
ready to shed woolly credibility; & we might add 
all too easily prefaced with a covert wink & nod - 
as if cues to the cognoscenti who rarely miss th’
obvious clues implied; manic crazes do go away 
as a last edition’s waning trend, replaced, ad lib 
you’d guess, by the next biggest cabbage in the 
heap of ovis aries attachments we’ll eat happily 

And anyway it keeps interest focussed where the 
least intimately contentious argument blends into 
a smooth pastiche of borrowed heat; and there in 
tune with a staccato beat in a one-note harmony, 
we dance into a new view, & all while learning th’ 
proper moves to look just like the old fraternity 
© 21 November 2015, I. D. Carswell