26 February 2016

Keeping Clear

Staying away from those ‘impasses’ breaking the 
iceberg unevenly; yes, I know it used to be bread 
called the staff of life, & even baked it when I’d a 
mind to be unequivocally fair; those days tho’ are 
long past an idea too passé to bear witness to its 
new regime; and there’s little comfort here if self-
interest proves the motivational generator for all 
originality’s new claims to a rich quick scheme

Instead of playing the odds - it’s Melbourne Cup 
day after all, one plods the straight & narrow - I 
keep clear of a therein ‘fell-agenda’ assumption 
by unequivocally cleaning yesterday’s dishes, & 
do it with the half-truths of exactly whose dream 
it was the unexpected, but inevitable, debris -
© 2 November 2015, I. D. Carswell