07 February 2016


So, if I’m thinking straight, there’s an anomaly 
here that needs investigation; and, no, it isn’t 
accusation you’re to blame - we’re altogether 
in this unfortunately & whatever transpires is 
both our burdens to bear. While its your third-
event invasion we’ll deal with it - like a curse 
emblazoned across our horizons - menacing 
all our accustomed freedoms far too visibly

Yes - you’re still assured your independence; 
we’ll never be a one-vehicle family - I’ll retire 
to a 4WD electric scooter before accepting a 
wheelchair; and I agree th’ ute’s yours for the 
time being until we’ve solved the BMW’s flat 
tire conundrum & while Mazie’s un-repaired 

And the just appeared ute’s ‘instrumentation’ 
aberration can’t make Mazda Mazies loss an 
easy-to-bear event. Okay, once there were 3 
options, now we’re down to Hobson’s choice 
about what goes; so I’d guess fixing the run-
flat tire - with the rest all ever to be leftovers 
© 30 September 2015, I. D. Carswell