06 February 2016

Until Saturday

So, what if you begin to believe the team you 
knew was destined to win - has disappeared
it is not really tenable of course - there is no 
lack of physical presence - tho’ in the hottest-
debate-topic weighed sense, it’s risibly faded 
from the moment like an ‘estranged’ foible of 
that hitherto unnamed singularity deemed an 
off-odds favourite of the on-course wagers

Vested media interests present it with a faux 
magnanimity as a Winner takes all contest -  
it sums up their credibility; but to ensure the 
bets flow there’s need for manipulation - so 
we see what they’d have us believe is how 
things grow naturally into an engagement 

The interviews amaze, they’re conducted so 
eruditely; now really, do we need wait for the 
game’s completion to collect our winnings & 
ken how we were manipulated - or is it true 
that my Team has disappeared, but by their 
choice, and then only until Saturday
© 29 October 2015, I. D. Carswell