14 February 2016


Amazin’ how those olden places ever filled 
with familiar faces still intrigue, went back t’ 
see th’ gang we knew for years; stall-holder 
or pergola marketeers we were back then - 
well, as we’ve retired, belatedly; tho’ they’ll 
decree a welcome never ends. Caboolture 
Market was the Sunday’s reminisce & best 
pretends that it retains thematic hospitality 

Few things have changed thru 20 years; if 
what was true back then pertains today, at 
least a customer will be respected as that 
guest you needed greet, not as th’ bloody 
pest who’d spoil your tea - gawking at the 
fruit display suggests a question stands - 

And even if you cannot understand those 
queries hinted at, the theme remains that 
helpfulness reflects the best of them and 
we; it’s how I’ve always seen it be - & we 
were there to see it grandly played again 
just ever like we’d really never left 
© 11 October 2015, I. D. Carswell