19 March 2016

A Bit Blasé

Has anything ever changed - I mean like the basic 
drivel we’ve become so used to on radio; its either 
an expose or a ritual they say; small voices are all 
I hear, nothing new on ABC unless you compared 
it with broadcasts you can’t receive, sponsored all 
the ways to the Bank by vested interests - who’ve 
kept themselves anonymous unless Conservative 
enough to get away with being on the front page 

So its a bit blasé; least that doesn’t engender any 
controversy unless you’re trying to right a wrong - 
oops silly me, should’t’ve mentioned it, there’s no 
way you’ll survive investigations into what you’ve 
suggested isn’t democracy; it wasn’t & never will 
be in this age we’ve squandered so brazenly 
© 21 December 2015, I. D. Carswell