20 March 2016

Such Luxury

We weren’t surprised when the wallaby at the dam 
didn’t say gidday; we’d seen ‘im earlier on th’ back 
lawn, at least he’d been standing then but up here 
he didn’t bother to rise, merely waved just an ear - 
I say, you’re happier I take it, like y’ found where it 
matters to you ’n the grub’s there for th’ taking if y’ 
into grazing; Cripes, ‘e intimates with a fluttery lug, 
y’ think this’s Australia Zoo or sumthin’, its th’ dam 

For crissake, where we separate suburbia from th’ 
naive world of articulated water supply; mate - this 
place isn’t t’ be sneered at but if y’re a lazy bugger 
th’ grass grows greener down where I’m lying - so 
why bother standing up to look like I’m doing what 
y’ think intimates I’m ill-at-ease with such luxury 
© 11 November 2015, I. D. Carswell