18 March 2016

Lets Hear It Again

The idea it only matters if there’s a dramatic sense of 
innuendo where the words gel together is crazy; we’ll 
be inundated with pithy one-liners of amazing vintage 
because no-one nowadays thinks like that, or so they 
insist, while vicariously pre-empting shifts of onus 

Creativity really isn’t always originality they’ll bleat, its 
the effects of blandness being obviously sidelined off 
a boring tendency to agree with the status quo so far 
off-track it’s in another paddock & playing cricket with 
a tennis racquet, or something equally blasé 

For heavens sake we’re discussing poetry in a sense 
meant to generate synergy not antipathy - and yet an 
element of its past-tense rants from a postern we left 
ajar - & that is where the cookies crumble far from an 
equitably intrinsic, vaingloriously luscious ending; & - 

That is me posturing with phraseology you’ll become 
a slave to. Pardon we they’ll say, you a slaver? Golly, 
the joke’s lost in the way we’re rolling defenceless on 
a patio of your word’s fey humility; & so what if we’ve  
all heard it before - c’mon, let’s all hear it again! 
© 1 January 2016, I. D. Carswell