05 March 2016

A No-Collision Event

Making bellicose interpretations leaves less space for 
mediation; and instantly that shit hits the fan you’re in 
the span of its judgemental-passenger-seat, still wide 
of the mark; would you rather be seated at a tangent - 
less an ingredient critical to its integrity, or more of an 
augmented, comforting moment’s afterthought, laying 
peacefully freed an arena’s arbitrary authority; well, it 
may be too late to renegotiate - you made the choice: 

In yelling look out in a way guaranteed to alarm you’d 
braced your feet firmly against a nonjudgemental role, 
played the adversary; the reply, don’t yell at me when 
I’m driving hardly explains why the ‘stationary vehicle’ 
wasn’t seen in time to avoid emergency braking - but 
effected a no-collision-event as its saving grace; - so

Belatedly we survived another day - so far anyway … 
© 21 December 2015, I. D. Carswell