06 March 2016


This excursion to the creek was one of the more 
modernistic versions; we’d chronicled a Ute ride 
way back - after all it is a 4WD track, but using a 
ride-on mower ranks up there with schemes you 
probably never considered; unless its walk-back 
threatening territory - & miraculously the mower 
was returned from th’ workshop, ready, willing & 
able to be tasked by th’ whims of two ladies, so 

Gran & Georgia rode there and back - Georgia 
in the trailer with planned sumptuous lunch and 
Podge trotting alongside attentively; - and what 
about you, you’ll say; well, I’m not a Sheila so it 
didn’t get entrained as an eventuality - plus that  
blokes growing certainty it’d probably rain 
© 16 December 2015, I. D. Carswell