04 March 2016


It might be something new like a novel view of 
restrictions advised about whom’ll benefit;  oh, 
that sort of conundrum eh, but then, obviously 
not us - or we’d be into it quicker than snakes 
slithering on grass; the dilemma’s always who 
gains th’ most from the least outlay and this is 
way up its alley - applying for an age pension 
only made sense of you had nothing saved 

And yet without making waves and being true 
to belief your Country will look after you in old 
age; meaning you raised kids, paid taxes and 
all that good citizen stuff, be ready for what is 
plagiarised behind plausibility; our Godzone’s 
having difficulty collecting sufficient revenue 

Tho’ it doesn’t apply to the Politicians; seems 
their benefits are way out of proportion to the 
real cost of living; so if you diligently paid into 
a superannuation fund for your old age, don’t 
expect pension adjustments will make sense; 
the balance’s already too politically bent 
© 22 November 2015, I. D. Carswell

Illustration by Victor Juhasz