30 March 2016

Anchor Dude

In any estimation the boss driving off before smoko 
is a dead giveaway; Podge immediately knew what 
was on - thus insisting we do our counter-clockwise 
hill circuit a bit earlier than usual; well, we are home 
again before 10 am. His role-playing ‘anchor dude’ 
is exceptional, except for moments when he thinks 
it’s likely to thunder and lightening a bit, & it’s there 
that I get a say in the way our cameo is played 

But this morning’s shared evenly between the man 
and a dog who reckons he’s the better supervisor - 
ok, I’ve no trouble agreeing as long as I don’t have 
to roll with ‘im in his beneath-the-patio dust-pit, the  
one which he insists’s much cooler than being in a 
well-behaved mode else-wise lying snoring inside 
© 1 December 2015, i. D. Carswell