29 March 2016

Independence Enough

The enough idea has it it’s insufficient space for 
disastrous effects of an age-old inference: it will 
suggest you’d better be into it or risk plagues of 
venomous conjecture; altho’, conventionally you 
ain’t blasphemy afoot, in no way you’re of a true 
believers’ sect; you’ll accept some of it, less the 
problems its definition proposes, and you’re not 
supposed to raise the flag or wave it in distress 

That is, unless the majority inimitably says so in 
that distressingly possessive way of deflating all 
the alternatives; you’re on the rack, isolated and 
without come-back - about to be charcoal-grilled 
because you declare an independence they say 
you’re not supposed to have - was enough 
© 25 November 2015, I.D. Carswell