31 March 2016

Ordinary Words

So an easy way remains the one least likely 
to defeat our fragile ebullience, and nothing 
challenges its belief; in a sense, we have to 
tackle an ogre, tyrannical foreboding thief of  
things yet to be experienced, yet tinting that 
already-pigment-selected palette you’ll likely 
use in describing it; thus even before you’ve 
begun, you’re parting ways with formality 

Yet it is my view of poetry you’ll say - & little 
or less matters as much in bigger issues, of 
more consequence tho freed contemporary 
embeddedness, but I digress; if I said it my 
way you’ll see there’s a difference between 
what I see and that which commonsense & 
consensus confuses as the same issue; its 
no inference, today’s preference agreed, & 

Doesn’t need struggle with word meanings 
used out of context, the lingua we flee from 
wisely when we want to say the something 
milieu will not ‘politely misunderstand’, nod 
idly & blithely wander on - its that for which 
they cannot be accounted - they didn’t coin 
the phrase or vocalise it that way, & its not 
yet even begetting in their vocabulary 

But, by Monday, it will be genesis of a new 
genre they’ll be accountable to - and there 
denizens of nu-speak will rephrase all of its 
tenets in terms they’ll be selling their wares 
to - harbingers of The News tru-speak view 
of what we must see now, and leaving me 
to curse on cowed in the pedestrian words 
of my extremely conventional poetry 
© 27 November 2015, I. D. Carswell