21 March 2016

Back In The Slot

Impressive, not quite awesome, but none-the-less 
up there with ‘em - & to think it’s all being done for 
free; ah, ha, you’ll caution - because reputations & 
the like are at stake, the guarantee becomes more 
than an introspective facet of sales-speak - it is an 
iMac after all and that suggests they’ll be carefully 
testing all features you’d taken for granted, aiming 
to erase blame for failing to fix its previous failure 

In retrospect it didn’t leave you flailing, or on a limb 
by any means, a Macbook Air stepped into the gap 
making the sacrifice less an effort than travelling to 
free wi-fi access - satellite broadband isn’t an easy 
beast to tame but we managed; still we’ll be happy 
to see our Big Apple sweetly back in the slot again 
© 5 December 2015, I. D. Carswell