13 March 2016


Last day of the old year and I’m out here on this 
painstaking mission cleaning the barbecue - it’s 
only eight months since last maintenance and it 
doesn’t look bad, if you would accept that as an 
excuse, but really the truth was it hadn’t been in 
use much, maybe at best once monthly since a 
new electric range arrived - yet I’m one of a set 
who believed you cleaned properly every time  

So I berate myself for lack of diligence while I’m 
trying to defeat the burnt-on fat accumulations - 
successfully I might add thanks to Mr Muscle, & 
innovative floral-disguised detergent degreaser; 
not a use I’d recommend - it is a bit hard on the 
hands, but its effect on the BBQ was a blessing 

Now - maybe if we get to celebrate New Year’s 
day with a barbie I guess I’ll likely be a winner’s 
circle hero; altho’ having a say in th’ cleaning of 
th’ darn thing suggests there’s a smarter way to 
negotiate what we choose to do to usher in the 
new, so I’ll peruse my chances mendaciously 
© 31 December 2015, I. D. Carswell