14 March 2016


If I get a choice I don’t want to be waking 
up under commercial aircraft flight paths;  
and given a brutal reality it isn’t optional - 
why can’t it be deemed a seekable dream 

Controlled air space history suggests we 
best keep declared air lanes sacrosanct 
as entities - but doesn’t also deem folks 
on th’ ground ought be dissonance-free

When its mayhem time, when flight path 
intervals measure in seconds & there’s a 
sordid peak traffic roar for an age with 3 
daily repeats - why’s it acceptable as an 

Effect of where we are in this mess. Ok, 
we’re not metropolitan where its routine 
dressage; our airport’s over 100k and an 
hour and a half travelling away - 

But we still have to pay plebeian suffrage 
for being country-remote & freed prompts 
of urbanity - so flight paths noisily descend 
over us enroute to distant city inanity 

Oh thankee, City Fathers … 
© 29 November 2015, I. D. Carswell