12 March 2016


Whereas you’d guess there was an out-of-character 
glitch somewhere, in this iteration its less indictment 
than statement where the cookie’s at; - not as if you 
give a rats either way, just knowing before the event 
it isn’t going to happen’s a privilege you’d like to get 
used to because it makes sense, a lot more sense - 
and that’s the blessing with relevance to where you 
situate - if you’re mainly a character out of Dickens 

And that isn’t an easy role to play - but we keep the 
truth safe from invasions of ambivalence - it’s creed 
we’ve abided forever or at least since we learned to 
read what meant and still makes sense; even if this 
means we’re never freed of its ludicrous characters 
playing cameos in their own insipid defence 
© 22 December 2015, I. D. Carswell