23 March 2016

Blessed By Vibes

The ‘normalcy’ rings clear again, we’re back into 
a state where weeks ahead aren’t partitioned or 
dissected already - there’s space for ideas, and 
without tacit permissions bearing grim protocols 
about failing to record or missing a game; we’ve 
survived the 2015 RWC - seen some of the best 
Rugby yet, wallowed in history - & gracefully let 
the vibes bless us like a fine vintage wine 

Time to reflect on a lavish event - of staging this  
incredible competition with such success, of the 
role-playing characters who’d never guess what 
they contributed in their own small way; and the 
cameos that they played to perfection will stay a 
delight until the next RWC contest - 2019
© 1 November 2015, I. D. Carswell