24 March 2016

Freddo’s Progress

It was Frederick’s birthday celebration yesterday, 
one year of age ‘n he’s planning to rule the roost 
already - not that his sister Clementine will see it 
a challenge to her supremacy - she’s 16 months 
his senior and very much a lady; Freddo's views 
are strictly within-reach and unconfused clues of 
what might be good to eat or fun to be grabbing. 
It is a revelation to see his determination unfold 

In a jamboree bold as a pageant-in-progress, so 
we’ll certainly be back to see its next iteration; a 
word to the wise suggests it will be exponential, 
no guesses on that, tho’ we’ll need brush up on 
skill-sets for dealing with affable prodigies - our 
Frederick already is well onto that map 
© 9 November 2015, I. D. Carswell