11 March 2016


Bit like sifting thru a crime scene, although it’s less 
academic refutation of odds and ends obscured by 
pedants who insist they’re in tune - a bravura more 
hoboken view of what it meant to be different; we’ll 
undress a wee bit, there’s sense in throwing off it’s 
classic dissonance - motives don’t always attire so 
consummately and yet it doesn’t estrange any ism 
we’d duly accomodate; - rather than wait for clarity 

Of vision, we’ll create an explanation that suits our 
perception of resonance - echoes seem to make a 
modicum of sense reverberating in sync with heart 
beat, but the lesson ends there; - so we walk away, 
the evidence isn’t at all that crystal clear, so whose 
idea was it in the first place you’ll ask - petulantly 
© 2 December 2015, I. D. Carswell