10 March 2016

Dreams Of Sand

After the trenchancy of Friday’s heat we’re blessed 
today with rain, its cooling calm with gentleness as 
soothing balm has washed that rancid sweat away; 

Of in-kind imagery you need to be a dingo’s desert-
bred to speak your mind or vent your spleen about
our sun-drenched land - or to phrase discretionary 

& lucid praise about the wet that didn’t happen yet 
but will assuredly, week after next is your best bet; 
crikey mate, meaning dampened Xmas scenes?

Well, its these extremes we live in, so come all ye
faithful t’ th’ dam and we’ll sit in th’ mud with a few 
cans of th’ best XXXX with intent yet that’ll leave 

Y’ breathless when th’ time comes f’ the wet’s toe 
down-dance to saturate our dreams of beach with 
sand - and faithfully contemplate our lavish luck 
© 12 December 2015, I. D. Carswell