03 March 2016

Well Met

Let’s put that traditional facade to rest - they are 
vagaries owed by idiosyncrasy and caprice, with 
the occasional unpredictable whimsey thrown in;  
or in other words - well-met megrim singularities 
whose eccentricities we’ve yet to appreciate; oh, 
we’re discussing weather forecasters, and if you 
didn’t guess, it won't matter as much as whether 
their ‘predictions’ gave you leeway to peace 

Being wakened by massive thunderstorms that 
crashed and banged at 10 pm suggested sleep 
had lesser probability than rain they’d said was 
assured at 50%, altho’ lightening revealed their 
calculations for this region were an extensively 
understated computation that was meant to be 

Happening much later, i.e. tomorrow; throw in a 
maybe and we’re on the same planar extension 
of imagination presaging its own redundancy, or 
better yet look at the weather map - see what a 
live radar screen says graphically; guessing its 
impact weathers that storm a whole lot better 
© 6 November 2015, I. D. Carswell