17 March 2016

Desiccated And Cream

Knowing you haven’t addressed the problem of the day 
attests you’re awake - maybe bruised a wee bit by their 
assertion you don’t care enough to see it as they do - if 
that’s ever possible for pineapples ‘flaring’ into what we
describe as supernovas - to the non-cognoscenti it is a 
piece of cake surrounded by th’ best whipped-cream y’ 
ever tasted, n’ what more’d y’ ask for y’ dork - well, I’ve 
a guarantee you’d give me enough space to learn … 

So start to teach me what matters to Ananas comosus; 
oops, not the local parlance I agree, yet we’re being an 
objectively focussed mob of do-gooders for th’ moment 
and I’m getting closer to a meaning we’ll likely share, if 
you don’t collide with coconuts; n’ that’s got y’ thinking - 
as a diversion - we’ll need both desiccated and cream 

© 9 December 2015, I. D. Carswell