16 March 2016

Savaged Woefully

Savaged by midges during that nap you’re not 
supposed to depend upon, the one after lunch 
which is predisposed by horrendous yawning - 
and if I’ve got it right, alerts th’ rotten beasties 
to an impending feast; well better late than be 
rushing to catch a bus, there’s now spray & a 
couple of insect pads at work - but the urge to 
rest-up’s disintegrated into a rash of itchiness 

Feet, elbows, ears & back of the hands seem 
to be their primary target - aims you’d disdain 
normally - until the irrational urge to scratch is 
in control of your destiny - so woe’s me again 
on a warmish afternoon where perspiration is 
th’ modus operandi & its discomfort spreads 

© 15 December 2015, I. D. Carswell