09 March 2016

Sultry Heat

After yesterday’s fiasco we’d need for a dashing 
shopping spree - wasn’t made any easier by the 
sultry heat, or too complex a set of expectations 
we couldn’t meet; yet threatened assassinations 
were delayed ’til we muddled thru it a piece - for, 
in choosing reflection over recrimination - we’ve 
saved ourselves the evidence-disposal burdens 
paled on this morning’s remarkable success 

Another early departure progressed with flexible 
itinerary finding outdoor furnishing dealers we’d 
bought from at Morayfield previously, knew from 
past jaunts as th’ best qualified to have what we 
sought - even if we weren’t exactly sure as yet - 
& crickey, it actually worked a treat; it made the 

Sunshine Plaza ordeal we’d endured yesterday 
seem something out a badly dislocated dream; 
but dissonance aside it was th’ Lady’s birthday - 
making today amazingly even more a best ever 
turn-around yet - so she’s suspended asleep in 
an effete sofa-style Brazilian hammock chair 
© 20 November 2015, I. D. Carswell