07 March 2016

Land Of The Effete

There’s no way to confuse th’ predilection 
for coffee at 4 am; whether a substitute off 
the shelf ‘creed’ for sultry urges bested, or 
disinvested by the disjointing wrack of age, 
when you’re at this stage it’s less a bonus; 
as others slink into dreams, you savour an 
espresso made without onus by The Lady 
of Intrigue suggesting it subtly first place - 

Then there’s a contortionist’s view of how 
you manage to resurrect your body’s less 
than affable disinclination to be upright or 
seated erect in a bed where brew sipping 
is a possibility - sigh as you might, it’s the 
right & proper thing to do as appreciation 

And succeeding - seeing the mist shroud 
lift off the creek to blend with a tree line it 
usually disdains - as sips of coffee rearm 
amiability redirected from the voluptuary, 
a sense of proportion regains its feet; so 
we’re back in a land of the effete again 
© 18 December 2015, I. D. Carswell