25 March 2016

Political Refuge

So we have to listen to th’ Minister for Ambulant 
Restraint pontificating to an ABC reporter who’d 
just happened to mention asylum seekers - OK, 
it doesn’t matter where they are or how they got 
there they’re on hold until we’ve checked all the 
relevant bonafides; and a whole lot more which 
aren’t but are in our best interests to do so; and 
they’re not in detention, it’s a case of giving the 

Best protection we can against exploitative and 
selfish interests sundering them into the ghastly  
predicament first place; politically meaning what 
precisely the reporter asks. Listen - I don’t have
time to explain th’ self-evident - they came here 
expecting we’d solve their problems - so we’ve 

Given them a quiet place with all the provisions 
needed to think over things for a spell and then 
let us know if its OK to return where they came 
from; I am pleased to advise we are amenable 
to funding free trips home for all of them - or to 
any other destination they’d care to nominate 
© 11 November 2015, I. D. Carswell