28 March 2016


Didn’t suggest a compromise, but the day’s best 
outcome was less modus vivendi than the visible 
acceptance otherwise classified oops, I screwed 
up; we’d set off on a trek to fix the status quo, an 
object steeped in rigmarole plaguing she, whose 
word is lore, and what we’d like to think was that 
precursor necessary for readinesses’ digression 
into what we’d hoped was full & frank retirement 

Fasting at least 12 hours proceeded the journey 
to pathology - along with Man’s Best Friend and 
a homeopathic vet visit - when with 3 kilometres 
to travel we’re advised that a handbag - with the 
requisite documentation, is missing - we turn for 
home again - and we’re back to square one 

And it’s the first of three trips that day to achieve 
what might have been different - but she, whose 
lore’s the word, wouldn’t hear of it unless & until 
we succeeded which we did; so Podge’s pissed 
we left him at the Vet - returning after he’d been 
in surgery & was awake & lucid again, and she, 

After rigmarole of 300 kms travelling concerned, 
believes her pathology results will be especially 
amazing …
© 17 November 2015, I. D. Carswell