08 March 2016


If the point has shifted there’s a place now free 
for scrutiny; it mayn’t be an easy task, once its 
accepted as the way things were, like the past, 
then we’re into new territory - maybe pioneers, 
and that asks for deference we’ve yet to learn - 
unless we’ve been there before; - & that is the
anomaly, turning on its pivot expresses views 
newcomers see as novelty, whereas we espy 

Rotational contingencies true to our belief; the 
way it translates belies a glossary of terms we 
see as the secure vocabulary so its better you 
express it our way or face dubious incredulity; 
but the point’s shifted you cry, look, there’s an 
empty space there behind your eyes, okay!
© 18 November 2015, I. D. Carswell