01 April 2016

Being Impressed

You might suggest that who played to whose tune
blessed an early-morning assignation; - were you 
a blasé princess romantically aroused in the close 
of intimacy - endowed with desires to seek whose 
breathing inspired th’ best witness and becoming;  
the slave to amity in rhythms fabulously entwined, 
and by whose imagination designed this amazing 
proclivity for arousal with I might be interested 

Postulation posed in lowest register midst caress 
of expressive caress, while saying without words 
uttered, yes; that this’s the most gracious phrase 
imaginable, promising happy returns forever isn’t 
a fable - we’re in it together, you’ll say gracefully,  
from here to eternity, now love me my way 
© 22 November 2015, I. D. Carswell