15 March 2016

We Forever

There’s no charity left is there; not that you’d 
suffered too much beneficence - no question 
ever - though what it has meant trammels an 
exuberance you’d used to escape bemusing 
need to be free of restriction & impediments; 
to being hog wart on a spree of certainty, tho’ 
it stinks still of thee & thou; so now won’t you 
allow there’s possibly another view - but yet 

Only within the rules you'd use to survive - if 
you’re not in moral debt, or beholden to auld 
lang syne epithets, its as much as clinging to 
a few ancient edifices too traumatised to say 
why? So let’s be weathered welcoming; and
it isn’t from you or I again - but WE forever 

© 24 November 2014, I. D. Carswell