26 March 2016


Those ‘gigantic leaps’ which they say are self evident
aren’t; now that’s not me being a rotten tomato - it’s far 
more likely a swede - rutabaga if you want - pondering 
upon what I am ‘supposed to see’ in their precociously 
mangled crash of layman’s terms describing what was 
already there - it’s not a head-in-the-sand argument of 
a vegetable tentatively explaining its existence either - 
although I can’t rule that out as a realistic possibility 

But where rhetoric’s liberally splashed with a jingoistic 
haberdashery I’m a bit wary; besides swedes aren’t a 
brassica contagiously given to leaping to conclusions 
that leave you amazingly out-of-breath - over an idea 
that’s crazy - unless you’ve been off out of th’ veggie 
patch for an age while breathing their rarefied air 
© 16 November 2016, I. D. Carswell