27 March 2016

Veterans, Maybe

That retrograde recluse to whom you’d made your 
unpretentiously magnanimous attempt to befriend 
eventually came good - yet, in the end, it was less 
an epic than a saga’s dismemberment - seeing th’ 
self-proclaimed legend he’d played introspectively 
to perfection fall apart cut deeply & its distractions 
paved no pathways to glory; mirrored there but for 
a receding hairline were all the cues to flee, & the

Clues as to where ageing veterans all fall apart … 

You might’ve reflected, how’d it happen so quickly; 
but then the smoke-screen you’d been hiding with 
aplomb belying who and what you’d been seemed 
to dissipate in being dispassionately blown away - 
so if they’re the real characters you were about to 
say - then who in Hell were we pretending to be 
© 16 November 2015, I. D. Carswell