04 April 2016


Our leaping with gay abandon into th’ retirement 
pool wasn’t done lightly - not that in any way we 
could be considered gay, lesbian, bisexual, even 
spiritually transgendered. Though perhaps we’re 
not mobile as we’d like, there’s still life a-glimmer 
where we are making small waves in here. If we 
ever conceded this was the beginning of what to 
so many is considered the last phase - we’d cry 

No way that is right, it’d be th’ cane-toad likeness 
of a dried-out & hollowed life - sure, doesn’t fade, 
looks the part - & stays the same; they’re usually 
flat, laid out where they cause the least offence - 
unless we missed an inference for being passed 
shy of the something’s advent that just went by
© 4 December 2015, I. D. Carswell