03 April 2016

Almost Abed

Better start to a Saturday, except its still mid-
week, the day of Saturn is three sleeps away 
yet, tho’ expressions are feelings with similar 
relief. So what we gonna do - we got the day 
off, or d’ y’ have lying-abed plans and readin’ 
that sanguinary sci-fi book less from interest 
than staving off boredom - or can we plant a 
couple trees - tho’ you’ll need do the digging 

Far be it from me, you’d want to say, but will 
keep the peace while she’s dressing for this 
working bee infectiously with energy abuzz - 
I had this idea we’d un-pot those two - what 
are they, frangipani? Well anyway we’ll ‘ave 
‘em done before Podge’s revisit to th’ vet 

Good idea she say’s - while vacuuming 
© 26 November 2015, I. D. Carswell