05 April 2016


Waking in the lounge chair at 2:30 am wasn’t my 
preferred plan - but then again, having slept thru 
whatever else may have been it seemed okay & 
a whole lot less confusing, the only exception is, 
usually it isn’t me; she is our somnambulant - we 
don’t sleep-walk per se, but wake up amazed off 
& away comfortable in places with no memory of 
having parking the body there in the first place 

It would seem sleep has its own guarantee - and 
a set of blandishments never ceasing to amaze - 
notwithstanding you’ve no memory of the ‘siesta’ 
piece bits of it gel into a web enwrapped about a 
psyche now decidedly at rest, and in the waking 
you’re freed, cleansed again, restored to please 
© 2 December 2015, I. D. Carswell